Customizing the WooCommerce Plugin “My Account” page is one of the most requested features by designers and developers.

The “My Account” page of an ecommerce website is absolutely vital to the smooth running of its operations, should be well designed in order to allow users to fully make the most of account management and – of course – can be customized in order to convert more sales and or entice for return business.

The “My Account” page is an actual WordPress page which contains a WooCommerce shortcode. Such shortcode outputs the default yet complex account management tabs and their unique content.

1. WooCommerce “My Account” Page Customization Snippets

As a WooCommerce freelancer, I love coding and achieving things without installing plugins. That’s me though, so you might think that differently.

If you like challenges, PHP and WooCommerce hooks allow you to achieve pretty much anything on the “My Account” page.

Before listing some of the snippets I love, I suggest you go study my WooCommerce “My Account” Visual Hook Guide: https://businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-visual-hook-guide-account-pages/ – this will give you an idea of how the account management pages are coded and what “hooks” you can use to display additional content.

2. WooCommerce “My Account” Customization Plugins (free)

As mentioned earlier you can use a plugin to customize the “My Account” page in alternative to PHP coding.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable free plugin on WordPress.org in my view, so we’ll need to skip this and move to the premium options.

3. WooCommerce “My Account” Customization Plugins (premium)

As usual there are several choices on Google in regard to premium WooCommerce plugin for customizing the “My Account” page.

As I don’t usually rely on Codecanyon, as there is really no long-term guarantee, the only option becomes the “YITH Customize My Account Page” plugin.

We’ve seen in previous posts how much I trust YITH – mostly in regard to their specialization in WooCommerce plugins, their big team of 30+ developers and a responsive support – I have no problem in recommending them.